Tuesday, December 1, 2009

you know who you are..

02122009 2234H
I check my email..suddenly..a subject of an email
(CADET PILOT SELECTION & TEST ON 05th DEC 2009) and it comes from AIRASIA

what should I do now??

Dear All,


Dear Mr./Miss,

Thank you for the interest shown in the above scheme. After having
scrutinized all the applications received we are glad to announce that
your name has been short listed.

We will be conducting the various stages of the selection process as
indicated below and you are advised to prepare yourself well for the
process. All the test papers will be in English and the pass mark in
each of the test will be 75%. You will be required to pass all the 4
test papers in one sitting. There will not be any re-sit or second
chance given. Please remember that we will select only the top ten.


1ST STAGE: Written tests in the following areas:

a. IQ test: Duration 15 minutes. (True or False answers).

b. English Language: Duration 1:20 hour. The format will be similar to
Paper 1 of the SPM English Language Examination Paper, both objective
and subjective. Sample papers are available in bookshops.

c. Mathematics. Duration 1:15 hour. (Current SPM Syllabus). Objective
and in English. Non programmable scientific calculator allowed.

d. Physics. Duration 1:15 hour. (Current SPM Syllabus). Objective
and in English.

Venue :AirAsia Academy (Map enclosed)

Date : 05th Dec 2009 (Saturday)

Time :10 am

Dress :Smart casuals


Venue: To be notified

Date & Time: To be notified


4TH STAGE: Aircrew medical, for the issue of a Class 1 medical
certificate, undertaken by an Aviation Medicine qualified Doctor
approved by the Department Civil Aviation (DCA), Malaysia.

Candidates will be notified after each stage on their suitability for
the next stage. All incidental expenses involved during the conduct of
the various stages of the interview will be borne by the individual. If
at the end of all the stages we have more than 10 candidates with the
same total marks then a final physical test will be conducted to select
the top ten.

Once you receive the date and venue of the 1st stage interview please
acknowledge of your attendance by sending an e-mail to the following
e-mail addresses. Any queries you have please raise it when you attend
the 1st Stage of the Selection Process.

E-mail: cadetpilot_selection@airasia.com

Thank you.

Cadet Pilot Programme Coordinator

I've been a realistic person now..Its not that easy to pass those hurdle until 4th stage..but why not i try first?? from there I should know my ability rite??

cmment or any suggestion needed..
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